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Education in Poland and the Czech Republic

At one time the decisive factor of production was the land , then the capital . Today is a decisive factor — the man himself and his knowledge.
© John Paul II — The Pope

Those were the words of the great Pole , a graduate of the Jagiellonian University , underline the uniqueness of our time, when the driving force behind the success is just a man and his education. Undoubtedly, knowledge offer us unlimited possibilities and prospects for the future .

Choice of profession , the university and the country of study is very difficult, because it is — choose their own future. Each , based on their abilities , talents and preferences , trying to realize their own dream.

The education system in Eastern Europe is structured to motivate the student to show the prospect of his profession , and to provide him with the necessary practice in the specialty. After all, the ability to use their knowledge to apply the theory in practice and guide it into the mainstream of the combination of self , public benefit and obtain material goods — is another science , which must necessarily possess . That is why European universities as care about education, and about the success of their students.

Educational traditions of Poland and the Czech Republic — one of the oldest and most respected in Europe. Diplomas universities of these countries , appreciated worldwide , because they — «alma mater» many famous figures who have influenced the development of world history , culture, politics and science. Along with respected old universities are booming generation of young educational institutions, both public and private. They boldly embody the educational traditions of the new millennium , vividly respond to new developments and trends .

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